Covid-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 UPDATE – While Knox County is in Phase 2, we will follow the following guidelines: We ask that you carefully read the guidelines below and please follow them, so we can continue racing this summer.  We want to take the necessary precautions and follow the social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone is safe.  Please see the updated race times!! 

If you feel sick or have been around someone who has been sick, we ask that you do not race.  Please practice social distancing!!!  Face masks should be worn pre-race and post race.  Each racer is responsible for their own well-being.

In order to follow the Phase 2 guidelines, we are splitting the event to reduce congestion on the trails/staging area.

The Junior and Beginner class races will start at 5:00pm.

The Sport, Clydesdale, Open Women, Singlespeed and Expert classes will start at 6:30pm.

We will have online registration only!  You must sign up online by 4:00pm the day of the race (we will have no onsite registration).   We will also be capping the number of entries for each race time to 50 racers, so get signed up!   If you have any issues getting signed up online please let us know.   

You will need to come get your number plate at the registration table; tell us your name and we will hand you your number plate.  Please social distance and clear out of the area after you pick up your number plate.  (Make sure you put your assigned number on your bike; don’t get them mixed up with other family members!)   6:30pm racers – we will hand out numbers starting at 6:20pm so do not come to the staging area early (we will hand them out after the 5pm racers have received awards and left the area).  

We will start one category at a time at the starting area,  spacing them 2 minutes apart.  Please don’t bunch up like we typically have before the start.  Hang out using social distancing and then we will call each group up one at a time.  

Please do not ask us where you finished, results are available LIVE online here –  If you see an issue with the results please let us know.  

We will have podiums, but will space them out.  We will have prizes on a table for you to pickup, no high fives or hand shaking.  If you don’t want to stand on the podium that is fine, you can still get your prize.  We will have podiums for the 5pm racers as soon as the top three in every category are finished racing, so they can leave the area before the 6:30 racers arrive.  Please practice social distancing; there is plenty of room!

Please stay out of the event area.  We ask that you find a spot away from everyone to watch the race.