1. Racers are responsible for knowing and following the rules of each event.
  2. Racing age is your age on December 31, of current year.  Junior racers must race your age at the end of the year and may also race up a entire category, but not down.  For example a Junior is 14 years old,  July 18th is their birthday and they will be turning 15, they must race as 15 year old for the entire calendar year.  
  3. If a Knox Bike Racing event is USAC sanctioned then USAC rules will be enforced.
  4. At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held under a Knox Bike Racing, all licensees who are mounted on a bicycle must wear a securely fastened helmet that meets either the US DOT helmet standards or one of the following standards: (1) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z90.4; (2) Snell Memorial Foundation Standard “B” or “N” series; (3) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard F-1447. (4) Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard CAN/CSA-D113.2-M; (5) U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard for bicycle helmets; (6) European Committee for Standardization (CEN) standard for bicycle helmets
  5. At all races, if a racer finds they are off course (whether by their own mistake or even sabotaged course markings) they MUST return to the point where they got off course and continue FROM THAT POINT. It is always the responsibility of each racer to watch the course for turns and carry any maps or directional material provided at each race. Any racer that is proven to have been off course without returning to the original spot they went off course will be DISQUALIFIED.
  6. Spectators may watch anywhere along the course but are asked to not ride the course during the race. Any spectator riding along with a racer, as support, is not allowed and will disqualify the racer.
  7. Did Not Finish (DNF)… If you drop out of the race, you must notify a race official. Everyone needs to be accounted for!
  8. All racers must set-up tents and park cars in designated areas only.
  9. Please do not litter! Used gel packs are the worst to clean up. Leave no trace. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited during the race. You will be disqualified if there is a report that a racer is not respecting this rule.
  10. The lands we share at many of these races include City Parks, County Parks, State Parks and National Forest Land. It is imperative that we show them we can hold events like these while being good stewards of our trails. Please pocket your gels, bars, baggies, bottles, tubes, etc.  DO NOT THROW ANYTHING ON THE GROUND!Pack it in, pack it out!
  11. The promoter reserves the right to combine or discontinue categories with low participation.
  12. Each racer will be given a Series Number Plate.  You must keep that plate for the entire series.  You will be charged $5 for a replacement plate.
  13. Winners must collect payout and/or prizes on race day.  The promoter will not mail awards to racers.
  14. No Refunds will be given unless an event is completely canceled.  Rain dates have been scheduled.
  15. E-Bike Regulations:   Class 1: Pedal Assist Bicycles with an electric motor Peak Power of <=750 watts that provides motor assistance only when the rider is pedaling and only up to a speed of 20 mph.  Approved Drive Units only.  Bicycles must remain locked, i.e., no modification of wheel sensor from factory circumference or any other modification to manipulate the factory set speed of the bike. Any modifications to the power unit in any way will result in disqualification.   Production Rule: OEM drive unit and matching frame combination model required (matching year NOT required).  Electric conversion kits and after-market frames are prohibited.  *Bicycles may be tested by officials any time prior to, during or after the event.  A rider who refuses to turn over their bicycle for inspection or testing at the request of the Race Official is automatically disqualified from the program.